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Great packaging is more than just a container; it enhances the experience of what’s inside. Cleverly designed packaging creates a first impression in a way that no other printed product can — with a full grip on your customer’s senses.

In other words, it’s a container that securely holds, safely transports, and successfully markets your products.

An example of Morel's packaging capabilities showing a custom branded cardboard box for a lab diagnostics client

Packaging Possibilities

Whether you’re launching a new product or handing out gift boxes at your next big event, we can help you engineer the best packaging solutions to wow your audience before they even break the seal.

Our attention to detail and knowledge of materials enable us to take your product from concept to the perfect packaging solution to capture attention and create an unforgettable user experience, including:

  • Product Packaging
  • Promo Kits
  • Swag Bags
  • Gift Boxes
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Event Invitations
  • And More…

Packaging with Morel

Die Cuts
Magnetic Enclosures
Carving & Embossing
Assembly & Kitting
Nationwide Distribution

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Packaging in Action:

Example of Morel's packaging capabilities, showing a branded cardboard box for their lab diagnostics client.

Lab Diagnostics

Creative packaging solutions for an at-home lab testing kit

We designed packaging for a product that would go from pharmacy shelves to the customer’s home, then back to the lab.