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Lab Diagnostics

Creative packaging solutions for an at-home lab testing kit

About The Company

Our client is a health sciences company specializing in precision laboratory diagnostics. They’re on a mission to provide access for medical testing to people who might otherwise face geographic or financial barriers.

One way to break down those barriers? By making the tests available on almost every street corner.


Our client partnered with one of the largest pharmacy retailers in the U.S. to bring medical tests straight to pharmacy shelves nationwide. The end product was to be a box containing different at-home medical testing kits — including Vitamin D, Thyroid, and Lyme Disease. Patients can purchase the box from their local pharmacy, perform the tests at home, ship them to the lab, then scan a QR code for the results.

The part they needed help with was producing the branded packaging. That’s where Morel came in.


Producing the box meant sourcing a particular type of corrugated cardboard. “Corrugated” refers to the wavy separation between two surface sheets. This keeps moisture and bacteria out, making it perfect for pharmaceutical products. Each of those wavy ridges and grooves are called flutes, and different flute types vary in their thickness and number of flutes per foot.

Initially, the client wanted the box built out of N-flute (one of the thinnest materials available), but it was exceptionally hard to source. Instead, we suggested F-flute, which is more common in the U.S. — and because it is thicker, offers more protection and insulation. This turned out to be the perfect solution for both printability and folding, while still maintaining its rigid structure.


The project was a huge success! For the initial run, we printed 75,000 kits, and they were placed in 1,000 stores. Not only did they turn out beautifully, they also sold out almost immediately in the first three stores that put them on the shelves. We’re now partnering with the company for even larger quantities to hit stores nationwide.

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