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RISE Partnership

Equitable training materials for workers across the state

About RISE Partnership

RISE Partnership is on a mission to improve training and benefits for the best possible worker experience, by focusing on equity and worker-employer collaboration.


Creating an equitable experience for all workers means that RISE Partnership’s communication needs are varied and complex. When workers need printed versus digital training materials, RISE is there to help — and that requires high-volume, compliance-conscious printing and mailing capabilities. With such a strong focus on worker equity, RISE sought a partner who shared their values and commitment to the community.

We make sure that all the vendors we work with treat their staff well and equitably. Any values-aligned organization should look really closely at Morel for the way they walk the talk.
Jill Bakken
Director of Communications
RISE Partnership

We were honored to support. Our experience with high-volume and high-frequency print projects allowed us to build trust and quickly integrate with the RISE team. Because they value active collaboration and quality control, we created a seamless review and approval process to get essential communications out to their worker base more efficiently.

These communications can get fairly complicated. We have at least eight different lists for every mailing that goes out. But I can always count on Morel to get it right.”

At Morel, we see ourselves as more than just a printer, which is why we also worked to capture the full user experience of printed materials. In the case of multiple training languages, that meant being mindful of pagination and binding, to ensure every training experience was unified and consistent.


Thanks to our longstanding partnership, Morel is proud to act as an extension of the RISE team — doing as much heavy lifting as possible so they can put more energy into taking care of their workers. Today, our work together spans from frequent and repeatable orders through our online portal to creative collaboration and problem solving when they have a new need.

We enjoy Morel’s responsiveness and consistency, especially when working on a deadline. It’s important for anyone printing a lot of communications like RISE is.”
– Kathy Howard, Communicator and Content Manager

In 2021 alone, RISE sent out more than 166,000 communications — each localized into different languages for their diverse worker base. This cohesion helps RISE remain true to their mission of creating equitable experiences for all learners, and we’re excited to be a part of that mission.

We’ve been able to execute all our fulfillment to thousands of workers across the state. It has really gone a long way in making us a more equitable organization. That’s not something we’d be able to do with just any print shop.
Jill Bakken
Director of Communications
RISE Partnership

Our partnership with RISE included...

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