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Oregon Humane Society

Stretching every dollar to make a ‘pawsitive’ impact

An example of Morel's wide format printing capabilities, showing a custom branded van wrap for their client, Oregon Humane Society

About Oregon Humane Society

The Oregon Humane Society envisions a world where all animals are treated with kindness and respect, and they’ve been rising to meet that challenge for over 150 years. As the largest animal welfare organization in the Northwest, OHS offers compassionate care to animals from all walks of life, helping them find a fresh start in a loving home.

Logo for Oregon Humane Society, client of Morel Ink

OHS hasn’t stood the test of time by sacrificing quality care or by cutting corners — when animals are in need, OHS is there to provide shelter and support. But saving the lives of over 11,000 pets each year is no easy feat. It’s an undertaking that involves thousands of donors and volunteers as well as several annual fundraising campaigns, each with their own complex communication needs.

One of the obstacles that many nonprofits face — OHS included — is addressing various organizational needs on a tight budget. For OHS, the bulk of the funds they raise need to be allocated towards animal care, leaving little room in the budget for marketing and promotional expenses. OHS sought a partner that would offer a range of creative solutions for their fundraising campaigns and volunteer efforts, while keeping costs down.

Because we’re a nonprofit, any money we use is money we can’t spend on the animals — which means budget can sometimes be tight. But nine times out of 10, Morel figures out a way to help. Whether it’s going with a special type of shirt or a different color scheme, Michelle has always been the type of person who asks, ‘How can we make it work?’
Jennifer Barta
Associate Director of Volunteer & Crisis Response
Oregon Humane Society

OHS found a creative partner in Morel. By leveraging our experienced team and expansive capabilities, they were able to streamline collateral and promotional products for various fundraising appeals. We also collaborated on rescue gear for their volunteers, offering up creative and budget-friendly solutions for t-shirts and face masks that were functional and helped their team to stand out.

Example of Morel's wide format capabilities, showing a van's branded vehicle wrap for their client, Brave Care.
Example of Morel's apparel capabilities, showing a t-shirt for the WallaMutt Strut
Example of Morel's promotional and apparel capabilities, showing a branded t-shirt, bandana, and backpack for the WillaMutt Strut

Our partnership with OHS goes well beyond the work we do with them. We’re invested in their mission and committed to finding the right solution for their needs. In fact, our partnership has grown exponentially — from work on their largest yearly fundraiser to collaboration on quarterly appeals that include mailers, vehicle wraps, shirts, patches, face masks, and many more projects.

After natural disasters, we deploy to help other shelters — and Morel prints the technical rescue gear we use. Not only does it make us look professional, but it’s the type of quality that allows us to work in harsh conditions like 100-degree weather, with no power, and no running water. During COVID, we needed face masks printed for rescue missions and we knew they had to be breathable. I told Michelle, and she found the masks that professional sports teams use. Everyone loved them.”

The best aspect of our partnership? Knowing that every piece we create is a small step towards a better life for the animals OHS serves. We hope to remain their perfect partner for years to come.

Example of Morel's promotional and apparel capabilities, showing a branded tote bag, t-shirt, bookmarks, and embroidered patches for the Doggie Dash.
Example of Morel's apparel capabilities, showing a shirt for a volunteer event
Example of Morel's promotional capabilities, showing branded embroidered patches for their client, Doggie Dash.
They always make me feel welcome in their office. Whenever I visit, Michelle will introduce me to everyone and show me what they’re working on. Even when things are busy, they make time for me — something I haven’t experienced anywhere but Morel. I really appreciate being invited into their space in that way and feel more connected to their team as a result.
Jennifer Barta
Associate Director of Volunteer & Crisis Response
Oregon Humane Society

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