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Moxie Media

Decades of political and policy wins nationwide

Morel's political partner, Moxie Media

About Moxie Media

Established in 1999, Moxie Media is a political direct mail firm with decades of experience in electoral and policy campaigns. They’re on a mission to expand power and opportunity — and they leverage the power of storytelling to build connection and trust, change hearts and minds, and mobilize for action.

Logo for Moxie Media, client of Morel Ink

But storytelling doesn’t lead to big political and policy wins by itself — they need a partner with the reach and access to help distribute those stories to voters and supporters across the country. In fact, when Moxie was founded, most of their work was local to Washington. Today, they’re supporting campaigns in almost every state and region in the U.S.

We started within the state of Washington and have steadily grown. Now, most of our work is national as opposed to local. I love that I can call up Morel and say we’re going to work in Michigan or Florida and rely on their existing relationships to get the job done.
Henry Underhill
VP of Production
Moxie Media

Beyond geographic diversity, political work is also unique in the necessary attention to detail and rapid turnaround times. Fortunately, Morel and our national network partners are well-versed in the complexities of this type of print and production work — and we’re able to partner with Moxie in ways that make the impossible possible.

It’s politics, so things can get really messy. You have to be quick but also thorough. I’m amazed at how they can turn on a dime to solve a problem. They’re very good about getting things out the door to make sure we hit these deadlines. Most printers, if you’re not doing political work, jobs can take weeks. We’re turning them around in days.”

Example of Morel's print, political, and direct mail capabilities, showing a comparison between two candidates
Example of Morel's print, political, and direct mail capabilities, showing an application for a mail-in ballot
Example of Morel's print and direct mail capabilities, showing a custom branded sales folder

For more than 20 years, Morel has worked closely with Moxie on hundreds of wins from ballot initiatives, federal candidates, state legislative candidates — all the way up and down the ballot. This includes dozens of wins for women and candidates of color. We’re proud to be a partner on these outcomes, even supporting the work upstream to ensure mailings are as efficient and successful as possible.

They’ll look at the specs or the initial stages of design, and they’ll say ‘Henry, the mail panel’s wrong here.’ Or, ‘If you go down a half an inch, you can save a lot of money.’ Or, ‘Fold it this way’ …all before we go to print. It’s beyond the regular client work.
Henry Underhill
VP of Production
Moxie Media

Much of our political work is done through our national network of print and production partners, to optimize postage rates and delivery times. However, another benefit of Morel is our ability to get the job done right from one of our Pacific Northwest locations.

They’re very reliable, they will go the extra mile. Not that anyone enjoys it, but if I need to call them after 5pm and on the weekends during our busy season, I know I can come to them and they’re always responsive. There have been occasions where a vendor was unable to get the work done on time, and Morel would do it in-house, just to make sure that the deadline gets met.”

Example of Morel's political printing and national direct mail capabilities, showing multiple printed campaign materials.
Example of Morel's political printing and national direct mail capabilities, showing a single-sheet printed campaign materials.
Example of Morel's political and direct mail printing capabilities, showing a campaign piece with perforated windows for more information

At Morel, we see our business as an opportunity to act as a powerful lever of change in the world — and we take that responsibility seriously. Our relationship with Moxie is just one more way we’re able to make a positive impact and support the causes important to us. We look forward to the next 20 years of building connections, changing hearts and minds, and mobilizing for action.

Many of the vendors we’ve worked with are businesspeople, so they stay very apolitical. But Morel is passionate about the causes they care about, their heart’s in the right place. I know they’re very active in the community, and generous with their involvement. They care about what’s going on in the world, which counts for us. Sometimes it’s not just about the money. It’s about other things too.
Henry Underhill
VP of Production
Moxie Media

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