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Brave Care

A remarkable patient experience at every touchpoint

An example of Morel's wide format printing capabilities, showing a custom branded mural for their client, Brave Care

About Brave Care

Brave Care was born when a little girl split her chin open. Her doctor not only gave her stitches, but also helped console her father during his first panicked emergency care experience. The father was so moved by the care he received, he joined up with the doctor to form Brave Care. With pediatric clinics stationed across the U.S., Brave Care’s mission is to provide that same level of quality, compassionate healthcare to all children from birth to graduation. Their motto? “We treat every kid like our own.”

Logo for Brave Care, client of Morel Ink

Providing the best healthcare for little ones means being thoughtful about every touchpoint, big and small. Brave Care is meticulous about the patient experience — and at Morel, we know the importance of brand quality and consistency. This made our partnership a logical fit as Brave Care began to expand.

Morel has supported almost every single patient touchpoint — going even beyond the clinic to things that live inside clients’ houses. We provide dosing cheat sheet magnets for parents to put on the fridge, and even those came from Morel. In everything we do, there’s probably something you’d see that Morel provided for us.
Cindy Nguyen
Senior Brand Manager
Brave Care

From signage to office supplies, brochures to event giveaways, Brave Care’s print and promotional needs were vast and diverse. In their first three nationwide clinics, they established a standard for patient care that couldn’t be compromised. So when it came to expansion, they needed a partner who shared their commitment to this standard — and the assurance that each new clinic would deliver the same remarkable patient experience.

Brave Care went from one to five clinics practically overnight. I was the first tech hire, and we’re up to over 100 people now — and still growing. With establishing the brand, we also had to create all these different assets, marketing collateral, and signage.”

Example of Morel's print capabilities, showing branded marketing materials and signage for their client, Brave Care.
Example of Morel's wide format capabilities, showing large exterior signage for their client, Brave Care.
Example of Morel's promotional capabilities, showing stickers for their client, Brave Care, to give to patients.

When you’re in the throes of expansion, marketing is crucial — but vetting a new vendor for every little promotional piece is the last thing you have time for. Fortunately for Brave Care, Morel brought all print and promotional capabilities under one roof.

I love that I can order basically anything through Morel. Working with someone who knows our company so well has been a huge time saver. Now when someone asks me internally, ‘How can I order this?’ I literally just say, ‘Email Morel.’
Cindy Nguyen
Senior Brand Manager
Brave Care

Not to mention, the strength of the Morel model is that our team and Brave Care’s could be closely integrated. As Brave Care has grown and their needs have evolved, we’ve worked directly with Cindy as a creative thought partner.

As we grew, we needed more and more, and Morel would always be my first call. ‘I have an idea for this, can you let me know what’s possible?’ That way I can understand my restrictions or shoot for the moon. That relationship with a printer is just so important to me.”


Brave Care’s growth has meant plenty of logistics and coordination every time a new clinic is opened. Fortunately, our collaborative partnership has created a more seamless launch process — meaning all the administration of materials is taken care of, so Brave Care can focus on the important work of bringing incredible pediatric care to a new city.

Example of Morel's promotional capabilities, showing stickers for their client, Brave Care, to give to patients.
Example of Morel's print capabilities, showing branded brochures and postcards for their client, Brave Care.
Example of Morel's print capabilities, showing a branded business cards for their client, Brave Care.

We were working on opening three clinics at the same time, which was so stressful. I called Morel freaking out, and they already had a list to make sure everything was accounted for before opening. They just ran with it… not only producing everything on the list, but also making sure it was shipped to the right places at the right times. I can’t tell you how much stress that eased on my end, when I was already juggling so much.”

We’re proud to be a part of Brave Care’s mission, and look forward to continuing to work together as they revolutionize the healthcare experience for kids across the country.

People should know that working with Morel is about more than just print materials. They’ll work with your company to actually strengthen your brand. Now, we get compliments on our design and brand all the time, and having high-quality materials is a huge part of that.
Cindy Nguyen
Senior Brand Manager
Brave Care

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