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Complex communications to employees nationwide

About BBSI

As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), BBSI provides payroll, workers comp insurance, and variety of HR and business support services to small and medium-sized businesses. BBSI pairs business owners with a local team of professionals who will support their vision, nurture their team, and help guide them towards success.


Showing up for businesses in this way involves complex, high-volume communications. As a partner to over 7,000 businesses across the U.S., part of BBSI’s work involves providing custom, printed materials like new hire paperwork, business cards, stationery, and employee handbooks to their clients.

Naturally, such a large variety of communications needs a home — which meant a partner whose capabilities went beyond simply printing. They sought a vendor that could not only maintain inventory for thousands of pieces of collateral, but also make that collateral easily accessible to employees nationwide.

Our partnership with Morel goes well beyond their printing capabilities. We looked at several printers and none were able to provide the extra support we needed like inventory maintenance, mailing, and shipping services. These were imperatives for us to ensure we could support our branches and clients and avoid any disruptions. Morel has been on it.
Lorin Gelfand
Director of Marketing and Communications

As you can imagine, coordinating so many important communications is a huge task, and even more challenging when you’re managing it alone. Lorin’s role as Director of Marketing and Communications meant his focus needed to be on growing the business and supporting the branches. He sought a partner who could take on these responsibilities, freeing him up to continue catalyzing BBSI’s growth.

California has several materials that are required to be provided to employees, and sometimes the state updates those notices. Theoretically, I should be the one letting Morel know about these updates, but they are the ones who let me know. They know our operations and what we need, they’re very proactive.”

Fortunately, Morel was up to the task. In addition to streamlining all BBSI’s print materials and products into an easily accessible online storefront, we also set up a portal on their website to enable their clients to order custom labor law posters, housing the extra inventory in our warehouse.

Morel is quickly becoming an extension of our company. They work directly with our team in the field — my contact, Sherri, only comes to me if she has questions about things. She knows our operations and business well and knows where to go for answers as opposed to filtering things through me. That proactiveness makes my life a whole lot easier.”


At Morel, one of our core values is to Deliver the Impossible. With BBSI, that means shouldering as much of the load as we can, allowing their team to continue building meaningful partnerships with their clients.

The team at Morel is very professional and very responsive. I don’t know that there’s ever been a time that I’ve called Sherri and she hasn’t picked up or responded to an email ASAP. They’ve pulled off miracles; I know Morel will do whatever it takes to save the day. Pretty amazing.”

Our partnership with BBSI is one of high trust and proactive communication. When their team needs a quick turnaround on a print project, we pivot quickly to make it happen, knowing that every communication makes an impact on the businesses they work with. We’re proud to partner with BBSI and excited to see where the future takes us.

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